June 1, 2009

Summer Reading Kick-Off

This morning was the library's summer reading kick-off and of course we had to be there. S loves the summer reading program, she's always really excited about it and has to go to the kick off every year to see (drum roll, please) PROFESSOR B LOONEY. Well, I'm not sure why she is so taken with this guy, yes, he is pretty funny and does great things with balloons, but it's like an addiction with her. Anyway, this morning we did a few errands and then headed over to get good seats - not that we had to worry, we were the first family there. This year the focus is on being creative and using your imaginitation (as the good professor says) so they talked about how you can imagine your own pictures in books and he made balloons to illustrate some of the kids' favorites (the little guy setting next to me got all excited the first time he heard we were illustrating with the kids - he wanted to color on the first volunteer). S's book was the Junie B book where she's got the monster under her bed and so S became the monster. See her big scary teeth and her woogley (her word) antennae - when she wiggles her head around she makes a kind of wooggley sound too, I'm not sure if that's the monster noise or the antennae. Isn't she scary? Her teeth were actually attached even better, but we had a pop on the way into the house to take the photo (because even after six years of these programs I still can't remember to take the camera).

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