June 2, 2009

Not Me Mondays

...even though it is Tuesday, remember what I said about not being able to remember what day it is? Anyway, Not Me Monday is hosted by My Charming Kids.

Since this is my first time at this I won't list all of the "Not me!" things I can think of, otherwise you would run away screaming about what a terrible mother I am and I would have nothing to share next week. Don't worry, we'll take it slow and you can gradually come to know what kind of mom I am.

I {do not} still have several huge piles of stuff sitting in my office (which is {not} really my dining room and in the middle of my house) from cleaning out my classroom and these piles {are not} encouraging all of our family members to pile other things in other places around our home. Even more so I {will not} wait until the day before my mother-in-law is expected to visit before I frantically sort through the pile and try to cram everything from bulletin board pieces to craft supplies to resource books in any empty nook or cranny that can be hidden from sight. Speaking of bulletin board pieces I {did not} spend way too much on them and now have two large trash bags filled with everything from frogs to camping to gingerbread. Um, nope, not me. I would show photos, but since it's not me I can't, right?

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