June 4, 2009

Vintage Thingies Thursday: Canisters

This is my first post with Vintage Thingies Thursday (hosted by Coloradolady) and I wanted to make it something special. I'm kinda crazy about vintage things and I have recently discovered that S also has the same form of dementia. She told me a few days ago that she wanted to go with me to see the antique store to see all the cool old stuff. Ahh, a child after my own heart. Anyway, today I wanted to share my favorite set of canisters with you. These lovelies are one of the few things I was able to beg my mom for before she died (everything else is when "when I die you can have it", simply because she likes old things as much as I do). They were my great Aunt Marie's (whom I am named after) and I've always thought they were the coolest. There is the Bakery for holding flour, the Coffee House where I keep my coffee filters, Tea World where I store my miscellaneous herbal teas and another one that is the Sweet Shop the same size as the Bakery. I don't keep flour or sugar in the ones designed for those since they are not air tight, but i do love them all the same. These are made of metal and have to at least be from the 60s since my great aunt had them in her kitchen. The canning jar next to them is a really large, tall one so they are bigger than they look. The jar was my grandmother-in-laws that I found out in my mother-in-laws shed and asked if I could have it.

17 had things to say:


Welcome to VTT. I am so thrilled you are joining us in sharing your treasures!

I had to gasp at your canisters. These are so cute! What a wonderful family treasure to have that belonged to family members that were special.

Great first post...and as always, you are welcome to continue to show your wonderful treasures. I signed up as a follower....don't want to miss a thing!!

Have a great week.


I love your old canisters, they're so sweet-looking! What a pleasure to see them every day, and they are a family heirloom, so that makes them double special!


I've never seen older canisters like that. I especially like tins in the shape of buildings. I used to buy things that came in interesting advertising tins. They were hard to find before late 1980s.

Keetha Broyles

Cute canisters!!! Those would be absolutely PERFECT for someone who collects little villages - - do you by chance?


I too love old timey tins, those are keepers!


Adorable tins! I have never seen such a large canning jar before-it must be a full quart!

Welcome to VTT! and thanks for sharing!


cute tins...welcome


Welcome to VTT. Love your tins. Glad you use them.


Welcome to VTT. Your canisters are so cute.

fitty's pinky rose cottage

Happy VTT and I LOVE your canister! so beautiful! I have few as well but more like a smaller size that yours.. thanks for sharing & have a great day!

sophia's smile

d.e.l.i.g.h.t.f.u.l treasures!
i love your tins!
and i love the music here too!

elsa in germany


i love vintage canisters and yours are the glass jar too :)


Such a wonderful treasure you have..
I love these canisters. Even better is the memories you have about them.
Welcome to VTT..even tho I'm a day late. Have a lovely weekend.


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