June 21, 2009

Camping Out

Joe really likes camping and I've been a really neglectful wife through the years we've been married and only gone with him one time other than this last week. That one time the girls stayed with his parents and we got an emergency phone call telling us that his dad had fallen and broken his hip and we had to come back asap. We did try and take the girls once too, but it was so cold that we left in the middle of the night and no one considers that camping. But, this week was Joe's vacation and we tried it again. We were going to go for a couple of nights, but we had storms like crazy and ended up putting the trip off for several days and then decided to stay only one night. I'm kind glad we did. I'm not a camping person, it's a lot of work to be out in the heat if you ask me, but you didn't, right? So, for this trip I didn't take pictures, I gave the girls the camera and told them to on a hike around the park and see what they could get pictures of. Here's what they captured.

Sydnee collected lots of nuts and ended up creating a nut family, this is one fine example - the baby nut.

After we had gotten so much rain the park was majorly flooded. We weren't at this end of the park, but there is supposed to be a pretty little hiking trail over there.

Sydnee was nice enough to sit and pose for Krista to snap her picture - well, at least once anyway.

Then Krista went a little crazy with the camera and got this not-so-flattering shot of Sydnee.

Of course, Sydnee was not to be out-done and chased Krista down to get a photo of her too.

Be thankful, my blogging friends, I spared you the photos of the dead fish and turtles that were found. Of course, my children didn't come back with any pictures of live animals, they are far less interesting.

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