June 10, 2009

Works for Me Wednesday

Once again my house is calm, peaceful and without the force that is MIL. So, what's a girl to do with all this wonderful free time? Return to blogville of course! Today's meme is Works for Me Wednesday hosted by We Are That Family, and it's one of my favorites. Once I realized it was Wednesday I began to ponder what little tidbit to share today. We are not particularly interesting people or impressively frugal or talented in rare circus feats (although we are working on the frugal part, the other, not so much). But, I did find something pretty cool to share (no, not sword swallowing or jumping through fire, but still pretty cool, I think). This nifty little plant is called house leak (if you are my mother) or stone crop (if you are MIL). My mom said the name came from planting it under the leaks in your gutters so it was well watered, my mom is true hill-folk, so that's probably not the name. I'm not sure what you call it, but it's an awesome cure-all. It's a lot like an aloe plant, but I think it's lots prettier and you can plant it anywhere. In the summer it gets pretty little flowers on the top, usually yellow or pink, and comes back year after year. To use if for any kind of owie (burns, stings, scrapes, etc) mash up a few leaves and use like antibiotic cream. My mom used this on me when I was little and I've used it on both K and S as well as Hub. It doesn't smell funny or burn so the kids like it and it's got a soothing feel, and for some reason Mom's Magic Mush (as it is so lovingly called around here) seems to work better than the pricey stuff from the drug store. Maybe it's the mom touch added to it.

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hey, this is great info. I had no idea about this plant!