October 29, 2011

Be Inspired: Gettin' My Spook On...

I love Halloween, I mean, I LOVE Halloween.  To the point that people might think I'm a little strange (okay, so people think I'm a little strange anyway, never mind that).  So, what better topic for my very first Inspiration post than my most favoritest (yes, that is too a word) holiday?

The first inspiration I have to share with you are these super cute (and really easy) spider eggs.  Use whole black olives, cut each in half and then use one half to cut the legs.  Use your kitchen shears for easy cutting.
This totally cute caterpillar is made with pumpkins - want to make it even cuter - make the head red and you've got the very hungry caterpillar!  That would make an ubber cute classroom project, dontcha think?
Now this is so neat and so wonderfully cheap!  This awesome witch's curtain is nothing more than (are you ready for this) trash bags!  Yep, so simple yet so effective!
And, if you want a similar effect inside just grab a roll of crepe paper streamers (you know those birthday party decorations) and make a curtain!  Oh my!
And this amazing jack-o-lantern inspires me - who would've thought to put a pumpkin in a pumpkin?  Well, someone over at Skull A Day did, that's who.  Simply brilliant!

So, I hope you find some inspiration in these ideas.  I'm off to put the finishing spooky touches on our home before Halloween comes - and to make one of those awesome witch curtains!

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