November 16, 2013

My Christmas Conundrum

With the onset of the holiday season all kinds of things are presenting obstacles I hadn't considered with our new family arrangement. Case in point...Christmas cards. Every year for the last 18 years I have sent out Christmas cards to family and friends and signed them "The Wood Family" and the listed all of our names under that. That hardly seems appropriate this year and as a result I haven't started addressing Christmas cards this year. It's not a big deal (heaven knows it won't be the end of the world if I don't send cards out all together) and I think I will probably just sign them Jen and Sydnee and call it good, it's just an oddity that I hadn't planned for. However, that doesn't make for my biggest Christmas conundrum this year...the obstacle that is peeking out at me and laughing while I try my darnest to embrace this holiday season (Halloween is like my Christmas so I have to psych myself up for the rest of the world's Christmas) is the fact that I can not choose a theme for this year's decorations. I've already decided to do a Nightmare Before Christmas tree in the dining room because I think Sydnee will love it, but I need a cohesive look for the rest of the house. I love the trendy peacock colors that have been ebbing into the Christmas realm for the last few years, but I'm not sure I want (or need) to go with a trendy color scheme that would require me to purchase oodles of new decorations. I've done gingerbread for my kitchen in the past and I think I'll probably go with that again and add some red touches to my already green kitchen to make it festive. I'm thinking a traditional Christmas look (real red, real green - not pink and lime) with maybe some pine accents and simple white lights. What do you you have a Christmas theme?

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