May 29, 2009

Fun Day Friday

For today's Fun Day Friday we are sharing our new snail farms. Haven't heard of one, well neither had we. I went to take the trash out a couple of days ago and there were snails all over the back porch. So, for fear of stepping on one I hollered at K and asked her to come gather them which was oodles of fun for, the first snail farm was hers, then S needed one too. So, if you have a plethora of snails on your back porch, here's what you can do with them.

Get a small Rubbermaid tote box (ours are shoe box sized) and use a Phillips head screw driver (or a drill if you have one around) to make holes in the lid so the little guys have some ventilation. Add some dirt (we used potting soil leftovers) add in some moss (it makes it prettier and gives the snails some diversity on their farms). Water the soil well, you can use a spray bottle or just pour it in a little at a time until it is absorbed, and grab some food for them. We are feeding ours oranges, apple and egg shells (to help make their little shells strong). I don't know why, but according to what I've read online, you should not give your snails carrots. Since I'm not big into experimenting with animals, I haven't tried this one so I don't know if you will get mutant snails or just sick ones. You should clean your snails' palace every few days, the more snails, the more often. We are observing ours for a while then releasing them back *under* the back porch, hopefully they will like it better there than on the porch itself.

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What a great way to observe and learn more about snails!