October 12, 2008

Fall Fun

Ah, cool Autumn mornings are here again. The leaves are beginning to turn colors and the days are getting shorter. All of these are signs (at least to our clan) that it is Pumpkin Patch season. We have been visiting the same patch for nine years now (since Krista was in kindergarten) and have loved every blessed trip. However, this year we made a huge mistake - we went on the same Saturday when the photographer was there. You would think after so many years of visiting on Saturdays we would have come across this earlier, but nope, not until this year. Cars were lined up in a fashion only comparable to a hillbilly family reunion and the place was packed. The girls still enjoyed the visit and we did come home with several Autumnal treasures, but I have learned my lesson - we will call ahead and not go on a day when half the state is taking pictures of their "little darlings" with every gourd known to mankind.
We have added our bounty to the front yard display and hopefully today a scarecrow of some sorts will join in the fun. I've saved a pair of Sydnee's overalls for the special attire, now to find a long-sleeved scarecrow-like shirt. Each season or holiday it seems I select a new theme to decorate or craft with. For instance, this year I am scarecrow crazy, I have them in my classroom and on my front lawn. We've done scarecrow dress-up relays in the after school program and made our own scarecrows using felt pieces. Next year I will have a new focus (obsession) but for now the scarecrows have it. Once we get a resident in our display in the yard I will post some photos.

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