January 19, 2011

Seed Viewer Project

Last semester for science we covered plants and their needs. Sydnee really enjoys science, but doesn't really enjoy book work, so we compromised and created this seed viewer project.
It's really simple - we used a clear plastic cup, a few red kidney beans, a piece of brown felt and some paper towels. We cut the brown felt to fit and stuck it in the cup, placed the beans between the cup and the felt and we the paper towels and stuck them in the middle of the cup. Sydnee made two of these and kept one in the dark and place the other one next to her window. At first, the one in the dark grew much more quickly, but then when the plants started to come up above the cup it quickly died. We concluded that this was because seeds don't need sunlight, but plants do. We did discover that the roots will grow into the felt, so we would suggest using construction paper instead. Sydnee's "light" beans are still going strong, but they are in need of a larger pot - and a serious felt-ecotmy - still working on figuring that one out.

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