July 24, 2009

Sometimes You Just Can't Win

Normally I don't post about politics or current events, however, I feel almost outraged about the current goings-on with the Cambridge police. Have you read the article? Apparently some nosy neighbor of a "Harvard scholar" called the police when she saw what she thought were two guys trying to break in. Two guys with backpacks trying to break down the door. Now, you be the judge, does that sound like, oops, my door is jammed to you or would you automatically think the home of your neighbor who had been out of the country was getting broken into? I, friends, would presume the latter, and apparently so did this woman. Now, to make matters worse, after the police showed up they wanted proof that the guy belonged there and the man got all upset. Not just a little upset, but enough to get himself arrested. Really, how hard is it to pull out your ID and say, sorry for the misunderstanding, officer, but this is my home. Apparently it's too tough for a Harvard professor. The part in all this that really upsets me is the fact that the president - who is apparently friends with this guy - said that the actions of the police were "stupid". Um, really? Stupid? Charges weren't even filed and dare I repeat myself, but all the guy had to do was be civil and show proof of ID. In my opinion, it's pretty poor leadership to publicly attack a city's police department when your friend gets himself into trouble. The photo with this post is of the responding officer Sgt. James Crowley as the media ask him questions at his home.

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